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About Us

Our Christmas tree farm is located in the heart of the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains in Plumtree, North Carolina. Our family has owned and farmed the same land for over 200 years. The Fraser Fir is native to our Blue Ridge Mountains, so we have the advantage of perfect climate and soil conditions to grow a premium Christmas tree.

We also offer Ciders,(apple, spiced apple, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, muscadine & scuppernong) syrups, jams,jellies and vinaigrette that are made from fruits grown on the farm. Pickled products, salsas, and honey. We are also open for U-pick.


We promise to provide our customers with the freshest and best selection of trees, wreaths and garland harvested from our farm.

Wishing you the best for your holiday season from the folks at Trinity Tree Company.

The farm ships mail order all over the country through William Sonoma and other mail order businesses. They also sell wholesale, ship direct and run Christmas tree lots in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The
trees ship in boxes anywhere on the East Coast in about three days and on the West Coast within five. "When removed from the box they are just as fresh as when you get them from the farm," Avery said.
Fraser Firs are a highly valued christmas tree. They are without a doubt the best trees for needle retention, strong branches for holding ornaments and a pleasant aroma'"


Christmas tree farms have to be patient. While most farmers see their crops within a growing season, a christmas tree can take up to 12 years to grow from seed. "The tree is already about five years old when
planted outside and it takes about seven years from there," Avery said. "This also means that if things go bad with a crop it could take several years to recover"















Avery has represented North Carolina and Avery County by attending the annual Christmas tree ceremony at the White House twice, once under President Nixon and then again under President Reagan.
"When you are raised like I was, land means something to you and you hold onto it when you let other things go, it is important. Family is important. lt's hard to know what the future will bring but I hope the
farm always remains in the family. With three grandsons and four granddaughters, that is altogether possible.
The Avery Farm has been a Century Farm Family for about as long as the program has been around. "We attend reunions when we can, we went to the last one in 2016 and will try to go to the next one. By then,
we hope to have the farm enrolled as a Bicentennial Farm, which honors farms that have maintained continuous ownership for 200 years or more.

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